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Moschino Shoulder Bags Outlet

Moschino Shoulder bags are always changing. We thought that it would be interesting to show you the most recent Moschino Shoulder bags available. Some were introduced in 2017, while others are brand new for 2018. It's important to note that they are all newer than other bags like the Constance Bag.

These 5 bags are perfect for those looking for something more modern,Moschino Outlet but not mainstream. Let us know at the end of this article which bag(s) is/are your favorites.

Let's begin with number 1.

1. Moschino Shoulder Mosaique Bag

Moschino Shoulder Mosaique Bag Size 21

Size: 21 x 18 x 6 cm (L x W x D).

Price: $9350 USD (EUR6500 EUR), PS6470 GBP (GBP6470)

Newly released but classic and beautiful. The Mosaique Bag was inspired by the Mosaic Pattern which represents art and vintage.

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2. Moschino Shoulder Bag 2002

Moschino Shoulder 2002 Bag Size 20

Size: 20 x 19, x 5 cm (L x W x D).

Price: $9950 USD EUR6900 EUR PS6860 GBP

Moschino Shoulder 2002 Bag is second.Moschino Jewelry Outlet The lock looks small and modern. More information about this bag can be found here.

3. Moschino Shoulder Cherche-Midi Bag

Moschino Shoulder Cherche Midi Bag Size 25

Size: 25 x 16. x 4.5 cm (L x W x D).

Price: EUR5250 EUR / GBP5220

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4. Moschino Shoulder Opli bag

Moschino Shoulder Opli Bag Size 28

Size: 28 x 18. x 11.

Price: EUR4550 EUR / PS4530 GBP

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5. Moschino Shoulder Faco Bag

Size: 24 x 20, x 3, (L x W x D) cm

Price: $5500 US

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