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Checker Bags are new additions by Moschino Backpacks Outlet to their Cruise 2019 Collection. The Checker Bags are a unique combination of their Intrecciato Style and the check design.

These accessories are also made of durable, smooth Nappa leather. Mixing colors creates a vibrant and eye-catching appearance on the new styles, such as the Luna Bag.

The latest Belt Bag in street style, the chain wallet,Moschino Backpacks Outlet and the multiple pouches are also favorites. Let's quickly go over the details of each piece before you make a decision.

1. Moschino Backpacks Outlet Checker Luna Bag

The Luna Bag is a popular and new bag. The limited edition checker style works well for both special occasions and street looks. The mix of pink and red is stunning.


Size: 5.9'' x 8.2" x 3.5 " (H xW x D)

Prices: $11300 HKD, $2700 USD, EUR2100 EUR, PS1915 GBP

2. Moschino Backpacks Outlet Checker Chain Wallet

This is not your regular Chain Wallet. The shape,Juicy Couture Long Suits Outlet the interior space and the adorable colors with the intrecciato checks are all worth noticing.


Size: 6.3'' x 6.67'' x 1.5" (H xW x D)

Prices: $11300 USD, EUR1100 EUR and PS1005 GBP

3. Moschino Backpacks Outlet Checker Belt


Size: 1.1" x 0" x 0.10" (H x B x D) inches

Prices: $870 USD, EUR680 EUR and PS620 GBP

4. Moschino Backpacks Outlet Checker Multipouch


Small Pouch: 6.7' x 8.6" inches

Medium Pouch: 4.7' x 6.7' inches

Large Pouch: 3.1' x 5.1' inches

Prices for 3 pouches are: $11300 USD, EUR1100 EUR and PS1005 GBP